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April Updates

May 20, 2024 by Tom Clarke

It’s been an interesting month at Reliance High-Tech as the entire nation has evolved and adapted to new ways of going about daily life. With the exception of our field based engineering teams and monitoring centre, all our staff have been working from home for over a month and have converted to a new way of working remotely, yet remaining fully connected and committed to supporting the evolving needs of our customers.

We have been able to communicate both internally and with our valued customers during these challenging times using an array of online facilities, whether that be to discuss security requirements with existing or prospective customers, updates at weekly project meetings where we support essential works across the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure, or to hold internal briefings and the odd team quiz. There almost feels like a greater feeling of community with our customers and partners, as we all work together to respond to the ever-changing threat and risk profile of the different sectors we operate in.

You may have seen that we have announced Blue Lamp Foundation as our chosen charity for the year 2020/21, a charity that supports a sector we have been actively engaged in for many years. The Blue Lamp Foundation was founded in 2010 by PC David Rathband after suffering life changing injuries from being shot at close range by Raoul Moat. The charity helps those from the emergency services who have been injured, physically or emotionally, in the line of duty by providing funding and support towards, treatment, rehabilitation and out of pocket expenses.

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in cases of Cyber threats that capitalise on the current uncertainty and unknowns caused by COVID-19. Scams targeting people who are left financially vulnerable or desperately seeking information have exposed personal and business accounts to new threats that re-iterate the changing threat and risk landscape we are all experiencing as well as the importance of remaining vigilant. Andy Schofield’s feature on Cyber Security was published in FSM this month and he discusses the ever closer link between Cyber and Physical Security.

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times together, we continue to work collaboratively with you to protect your people, your assets and your reputation.