Digital Interviewing, Custody Suites and Evidence Management for Police and many others

Police forces, Universities and many others switch to Reliance digital solutions for improved interview recording, safeguarding and case management.

Reliance has worked successfully with forces including Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Staffordshire and others, to digitise their interview rooms and custody suites. We also provide interview facilities for Universities and the GMC amongst others.

By combining the specialist services and solutions of market leading manufacturers in the field of digital interview technology, custody suite management, cell-call, intercoms, affray alarms and CCTV we can ensure you have PACE compliant evidence packs from beginning to end.

We interface with all your major third party applications and databases to provide seamless connection, for example, to medical requirements, as-well as utilising advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to supplement safeguarding checks or support remote ‘Inspector visits’.

Our solutions can provide simple access for CPS lawyers and relevant agencies to access interviews on a managed and authorised basis.

This DIR interviewing technology is not just relevant to police forces, in fact, any organisation that needs the ability to conduct interviews with potential suspects or witnesses may benefit from the new technology. Organisations for example, the Information Commissioner’s Office, Universities, Healthcare Facilities and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, now use it for their investigations and training purposes.

These services can be fixed or portable, covering a wide variety of interview types including PACE, ABE and voluntary attendance.

Whether it be suspect, witness or child protection interviews, we have a thorough knowledge of what organisations need to achieve and the constraints that they are operating under. We follow  a well proven process from pilot phase to full rollout and once an organisation has switched over to the new system, it has the benefits of greater adaptability through easy scalability and upgradeability due to being controlled centrally.

Our solutions can help release front line personnel to concentrate on their other key duties , as well as significant cost and environmental savings that can be achieved through personnel not being required to travel to other sites to view recordings or live interviews.