Criminal Justice & Police


Reliance High-Tech delivers future-proof security solutions within the custody environment that are proven to increase operational productivity and efficiency, saving valuable Police time.

At Sussex Police, our solution has significantly reduced the time required for processing detainees through integrated access control, CCTV, affray alarms and two-way cell call. At the same time, this is reducing the cost of video storage and retention for our customers.

Our solutions have integrated with existing police infrastructure, providing a user interface and information screens that are tailored to each force. Case data is populated by individual officers or linked to the custody system to provide real-time information by case number.

In addition to our traditional integrated security solutions, we also offer digital interview solutions that have been adopted in over 650 police interview suites across the UK.


Reliance High-Tech has unrivalled experience in securing some of Britain’s highest security institutions including Category A and B prisons, Young Offender Institutions, Immigration Removal Centres and Secure Hospitals.

We design solutions that address all aspects of the high-security environment, from the outer perimeter to the inner control room and IP network. Our perimeter solutions combine fencing, gates, doors, lighting and barriers with every type of monitoring system, including thermal imaging cameras, microphonic inner fence detection, microwave sterile zone detection, motion detection and powerful video analytics.


Reliance High-Tech has proven expertise in integrating physical and electronic security

disciplines and deploying the latest technology to drive value from existing security assets. Our work has included some of the UK’s most demanding and complex sites including Category A prisons, port and immigration environments.

Within the perimeter, the safety of detainees, staff and visitors is assured via a mix of video surveillance, access control, building automation, cell call, automated lighting and temperature controls, affray alarms, intercoms, digital interview recording and other systems.