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Welcome those Clouds on the Horizon!

July 23, 2024 by James Smith

As consumers, the cloud has become a central part of our lives – from internet banking to streaming TV shows on Netflix, we have come to rely on it. And while the cloud is certainly not new in a security context, it’s certainly the case that at Reliance High-Tech we are handling many more enquiries on the benefits of the cloud as they relate to security solutions. We are also working on increasingly large installations that have the cloud as a key or even main component.


An obvious choice


The reason for this increased interest? Well, those benefits are many and varied. Scaling a solution up or down according to your needs – adding new cameras into your set-up, or introducing new access control functionality, for example – is fast and simple. And while cyber security concerns rightly apply to everything with an IP address nowadays, working with the right partner to put a cloud-based solution in place ensures your security system is protected by more sophisticated levels of cyber security measures than most users would ever typically put in place. Finally, as the solution is deployed in the cloud, updates and patches can be automated, giving you peace of mind that your system is always working with the latest software and firmware versions without needing to do anything, with also ensuring you are leveraging the latest in features and functions of your investment.


Greater visibility


For multi-site users, in particular, a cloud-based solution provides a level of control over your estate that was practically impossible before the cloud. Accessing sites hundreds of miles away from a central point not only provides a holistic view of your entire security infrastructure, but the ability to focus in one building, area and camera to gain insight that transcends security alone. It helps you better understand and manage the risks that it and the building’s users face.


Deeper insights


The last element that particularly excites the users I speak to is AI and video analytics. Deploying a cloud-based solution makes it simple to introduce analytic solutions to support crowd control, queue management or people counting, traffic management and vehicle tracking, and even AI-equipped monitoring of dangerous areas, where the system might use AI to alert operators to incidents before they become critical. The data that security systems increasingly generate will only grow in importance as users call on this data to gain greater insight into the operations, well beyond classical ‘security’ applications themselves.


A hybrid approach


We are talking to a lot of customers at the moment who are planning their first steps in the cloud. Some opt for a hybrid approach, where they have an on-premise system, but want to put some elements into the cloud, or they have an applications where a dedicated cloud solution provides the answer to their needs There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to the cloud, and the beauty of the cloud is that it makes these hybrid systems easy.


Choosing the right partner


The thing I always say to prospective cloud users, however, is to choose a partner wisely. While a cloud-based solution is easy to manage and use on a daily basis, it’s essential that it is designed, installed and maintained by someone who knows the technology inside out. At Reliance High-Tech, we work in close partnership with organisations such as Eagle Eye, Brivo and others at the leading edge of the cloud, to provide the solutions that our customers want and need. We have full backing from these partners because they understand that to do this correctly needs an integrator who understands cloud technologies and not simply an installer of equipment


Taking a first step in the cloud


We are talking to a lot of customers at the moment who are looking at this technology and planning their way forward with the cloud. Our experience means we can provide objective and expert advice on everything from a small hybrid system to a large, multi-site solution hosted entirely in the cloud. So if you have any questions about your cloud journey, do reach out to me. I would be very pleased to explain why every cloud has a silver lining!