Monitoring Services

We can monitor your sites, your assets and your lone or vulnerable workers remotely 24/7/365 through our police approved monitoring centre. Bespoke call handling, monitoring and hosting services are also available.

Due to the critical nature of these specialist services, we have invested heavily in our own infrastructure and technology, establishing well-defined disaster recovery plans, elements of which are tested daily.

  • Secure location and infrastructure in our fully-owned 24/7 BS 5979 Cat 2 alarm receiving centre
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 and Cyber Essentials accreditations, ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and security
  • Mains power resilience via generator and UPS, providing a minimum of 24 hours’ power supply
  • Inbound call routing that can be diverted at both local and network levels without delay to another UK number; call diverts are tested on a weekly basis. All inbound/outbound telephone lines are tested daily
  • Disaster recovery plans that are rehearsed on a monthly basis with critical equipment tested weekly and failover measures
  • Digital recording of calls that can be held for up to 25 years
  • Highly trained operators dedicated to help-desk services
  • Flexible and stringent Service Level Agreements

Security and infrastructure as a service

By combining monitoring with our data centre service, Reliance High-Tech can offer a fully managed hosted solution. By hosting your security system or providing you with a cloud based solution, our remote engineers and operators can control and manage your entire security solution. You benefit from Reliance expertise and reduce hardware costs as well as on-going infrastructure and in-house IT costs.

Replacing manned services

Remote monitoring can give you all the flexibility and convenience of 24/7 protection – without the need for permanent security guards or systems operators. We can smoothly integrate and support remote monitoring for any type of security infrastructure.

Monitoring Accreditations

The Reliance High-Tech monitoring and data centre has a services-oriented network infrastructure along with triple redundancy. The centre is tested to the highest accreditations, including BS8418 for CCTV monitoring, BS8484 for Lone Worker, ISO27001 for Data Protection and BS5979, so you can be assured of a police response.

We are one of the first ARCs in the UK to gain Echo Connected status. ECHO is an alarm transfer service facilitating greater effectiveness in police response to emergency alarms. It’s a fully automated electronic alarm transmission service between ECHO-connected alarm receiving centres (ARCs) and the police for intruder and hold-up alarms.



Managed Access

It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to proactively manage the movement of people across your estate. Whether you need to restrict access to sensitive areas within the workplace, regulate the flow of people across a site, or manage the safe movement of a crowd in a public place, Reliance High-Tech can help you to get the best performance out of your access control and visitor management solutions.

Access Control and Visitor Management Solutions

As access control and visitor management systems have become increasingly sophisticated, we have amassed a wealth of skills and experience in the design, commissioning and installation of fully integrated solutions. Through partnerships with some of the world’s leading access control vendors, we help our customers to take advantage of the best available technologies and offer comprehensive support with remote management.

Remote Access Solutions

Handing out keys to your premises carries a number of inherent risks as well as being restrictive and inflexible. Remote access transforms the efficiency of your site access and movement through a secure building. Intelligent lock and control units communicate with our Remote Monitoring Centre,  enabling us to securely open and close doors, gates or barriers reactively or at scheduled times. The unit provides real-time reporting of the status of your door to ensure our operators can act quickly to resolve any security issues. In addition, the system can also alert a nominated person via text or email.


Video surveillance is the cornerstone of many security solutions, but with so many options it is vital to choose a system that is flexible, scalable and easy to manage. Systems range from simple single-camera installations, to complex large-scale multi-camera systems. At Reliance High-Tech, we draw on our 40 years’ specialist experience to identify and deliver systems that match your exact security needs.

To help you exploit the full potential of your investment, as well as offering bespoke system design and professional installation, we can also support your solution with CCTV monitoring and hosted or cloud based archive solutions.


Helpdesk Services

We also develop specialist call-logging applications for customers in a range of other sectors. Reliance High-Tech can log and report all the necessary information on a call request, and highlight and relay important safety and regulatory information to the end user.


In the event of an incident that triggers an alert, highly experienced Reliance personnel are authorised to initiate a rapid and appropriate response, enabling a speedy recovery of your goods. Offering maximum resilience, our services are all managed in the UK by certified security experts operating from our dedicated, military-grade Remote Monitoring Centre.

Our asset tracking service offers you:

  • Real-time remote visibility: A range of options provides maximum flexibility to suit your needs. We’ll keep a constant watch on your assets at all times, and you can also access the same information via a user-friendly secure web browser for 24/7 real-time remote visibility.
  • Monitoring and notifications: Receive alerts from our monitoring centre via email, SMS or voice, about exceptional usage, unauthorised activity or security events, to facilitate a fast response.
  • Real-time mapping: Integrate live maps of your asset locations with Google Mapping tools to analyse the activity and movement of assets.
  • Geofence key areas: Designate sensitive areas and keep-out zones around key locations such as construction sites, power plants, retail parks or manufacturing units.
  • Operational visibility: Use smart filters and search tools to capture intelligent data exposing the live behaviour of key assets in granular detail.
  • Reporting and compliance: Customise dashboards for fast reporting and analysis to drive continuous service improvement.

Tangible benefits include:

  • Strengthen security strategies and inventory control
  • Ensure your key assets are monitored in real time
  • Flexibility to easily tailor alerts most relevant to you
  • Detect and recover stolen assets and eliminate misuse
  • Capture, record and manage a range of telematics data
  • Enable better, more accurate reporting and compliance
  • Business intelligence to improve operational efficiency
  • Control risk, reduce costs and improve productivity.

To better track and manage your assets, contact Reliance High-Tech today.