Carbon Reduction Plan


This statement sets out Reliance High-Tech’s policy on our Carbon Reduction Plan in line with our corporate goal of reducing emissions and protecting the environment where possible.

Reliance High-Tech has the goal to become Net Zero by 2030 and has ambitious targets to reach that position as soon as practicable.


Reliance High-Tech is a leading independent security systems integrator serving private and public sector organisations in the UK and Europe.


Reliance High-Tech holds NSI Gold ISO14001 certification and has a comprehensive Environmental Management System in place to minimise our impact on the environment and to this end, operates the following policies:

  • Leadership and commitment Reliance High-Tech’s leadership is committed to ensure adherence to ISO14001 standards and to minimise environmental impact wherever practicable.
  • Environmental PolicyReliance High-Tech’s environmental policy lays out a code of practice for the business.
  • Environmental Objectives Policy of conductThis policy outlines the environmental objectives of the business.


We are committed to following emission targets:

Scope 1 Reduction of 10% on 2020 baseline by 2024

Scope 2 Reduction of 10% on 2020 baseline by 2024

Scope 3 (in progress)

Reduction on 2024 baseline on non-fleet based business travel by 2030

Reduction on distribution emissions (delivery and transportation) from 2024 baseline

Reduction in employee commuting emissions from 2025 baseline

Reduction operational waste targets in 2028


The entire Board of Directors have swapped to electric vehicles and we are encouraging our “grey” fleet (those with car allowances) to convert to electric where possible. Our main fleet of vans are unable to go electric as yet due to practical constraints, but we are swapping out vans for more fuel efficient models this year.

We are also promoting the usage of cloud based technologies to our customer base. This reduces environmental impact by reducing the manufacturing costs of equipment, the distribution and installation thereof and also allows remote access, thereby minimising the environmental impact of engineer visits.

A current version of this document is available to all members of staff and is published on SharePoint and the corporate intranet.

This statement was approved by the Board of Reliance High-Tech on 15th March 2023.  It is issued on a version-controlled basis under signature.

Name Alistair Enser
Chief Executive Officer

Date: 16th March 2023