Lone Worker Safety and Body Worn Video

Reliance Protect is the UK’s most successful, widely deployed and comprehensive lone worker protection service.

In today’s world, Lone People come in many forms.

Whether working from home, visiting remote unmanned sites or working with vulnerable mental health patients in the community your valuable team members can be sure there is someone looking out for them via our 24/7/365 dedicated alarm receiving centre.

Additionally our solutions can also be used by private individuals ranging from students studying away from home through to Elderly care services.

Increasingly Body Worn video is being utilised in conjunction with Security and Lone Worker protection to increase the level of protection and provide both deterrent and situational evidence should it be required. Reliance Protect offer a range of Body Worn cameras to suit any application from discreet through to industrial. These are particularly popular in Retail, Guarding and Blue Light Applications including the NHS and Care Work.

Reliance Protect is trusted by major employers and organisations across a range of sectors and benefits its customers through a unique combination of technical expertise and operational capability, delivered by exceptional people.

With ever-tightening legalisation, such as the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act and spiralling insurance costs, it’s never been more critical to evaluate the use of technology to address your duty of care to your employees, on your premises and out in the field.

Reliance Protect provides both peace of mind and a solution that minimises these costs and helps to mitigate your risk.

For further information, please visit our Reliance Protect site.