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Helping the police with their inquiries

May 20, 2024 by Tom Clarke

As a leading security specialist providing electronic security systems, body cams, lone worker protection, and custody and interview suites, Reliance High-Tech is working with some of the largest regional police forces in the UK, using the very latest tried and tested technology available on the market.

Cuts to funding, fewer officers on the beat and a growing number of incidents of crime are putting policing under enormous pressure. As the police service now has to achieve more with less, it is actively looking to employ security solutions that optimise its resources, save time, protect officers and secure a positive result.

On track

Reliance High-Tech has completed numerous successful projects within the police and criminal justice sector, and we are widely considered to be the leading trusted provider of both traditional security systems and cutting-edge IT based solutions. This experience gives us a unique insight when it comes to integrating different technologies to meet stated objectives.  We have gained a thorough knowledge of what law enforcement organisations need to achieve and the constraints that they are operating under.

We understand not just the technology, but the criminal justice requirements governing how these types of systems are used and the complexities of working with multiple agencies. So, by delivering future proof security solutions within the custody environment that are proven to increase operational productivity and efficiency, Reliance High-Tech is able to save valuable police time and make evidence gathering as efficient as possible, while always ensuring full compliance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE).

For example, processing detainees through integrated access control, CCTV, affray alarms and two-way cell call not only optimises an entire system, but reduces the cost of video storage. By integrating technology with a police force’s existing infrastructure, we are able to provide a user interface and information platforms that are tailored specifically to the requirement and established custody system in order to provide real time information.

A question of time

Reliance High-Tech operates at the cutting edge of the security sector and we always stay fully informed about the latest available technologies. We have pioneered the use of digital technology by leveraging the power of internet protocol (IP) based systems and recognise its potential to transform the way policing is delivered. This enables us to make all types of electronic security including CCTV, access control, intruder and affray alarms, video call points and intercom audio, work harder and smarter.

Take, for instance, video evidence, which is becoming ever more significant for police forces.  Following an incident there can be huge amounts to analyse to extract actionable information – for every murder, some 700-800 hours of video are typically acquired. Video now comes from diverse sources including public and private CCTV systems, dash cams and smartphones, and footage is typically supplied in various formats, to different standards of quality, and on various media.

Video evidence must therefore be processed so that it integrates into the criminal justice system, yet this process is often time consuming and expensive, as well as limited in its capabilities and accuracy. Reliance High-Tech’s video forensics service provides a series of enhanced technologies that assist in the delivery and processing of complex video to provide real-time and post-event analysis and insight.  The service is designed specifically to accelerate, complement and thereby enhance the capabilities of the force, while smoothing workflows and cutting costs. Regardless of its format or source, input video footage is converted into a standard format, facilitating a simple but secure storage, review and focused analysis.

Digital watch

Police interviewing has also undergone a revolution. The traditional image of tape recorders in police interview rooms is becoming history as police forces embrace new technologies. Reliance High-Tech’s software based Digital Interview Recording (DIR) solution has been adopted in over 650 police interview suites across the UK to improve interview recording and case management for police, defence lawyers and suspects.

At Reliance High-Tech we have worked successfully with police forces across the country to rollout the new generation of DIR technology, which is improving the way in which PACE and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant interviewing is handled and evidence processed. Our intuitive platforms require very little training – the recorded evidence is stored centrally and the technology used in our latest solutions offer the flexibility required to facilitate the transition from on-premise, hybrid, to a fully secure cloud-based solution.

Our Digital Evidence Solutions provide a centralised hub for all interviews and associated digital media, enabling a single source for all fixed and portable recording equipment, which is PACE compliant across all types of interview. Our DIR solution offers consistency, with a common user interface that’s easy for those conducting interviews to use correctly.

Thinking ahead

Police forces are currently working digital transformation strategies that will enable new and more efficient ways to manage operations, share information and deliver police services to the public. With a proven track record in the police and criminal justice sector, Reliance High-Tech’s objective is to help get Police back out on the street and enable them to solve more crimes, faster, by developing a number of new and innovative solutions that align strongly with the Policing Vision 2025 strategy. This assists the way police forces work by allowing personnel to more easily access the services they need, seamlessly collaborate with other departments and make use of cloud based technologies to improve their operational efficiency and deliver next generation public services.

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