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It’s time to invest in talent

April 17, 2024 by Alistair Enser

As the security industry grows further it’s going to need many more skilled engineers and technicians in the coming years. And, as I have written in the past, the time to prepare for that demand is now, by attracting a new generation of entry level trainees into the sector.

At Reliance High-Tech, we have long supported the apprenticeship scheme and we’re very happy to be working with our partner, Zitko Talent, to extend our work in this field. Zitko offers a fast-track route into our business, not only for college leavers, but for experienced engineers we could reliably cross-train from other sectors.

Zitko Talent offers an efficient end-to-end solution for our needs – from promoting the industry as a serious career choice, through identifying people with outstanding potential, to providing intensive, coordinated training over the critical first 12 months.

With our first trainees on board, we’ll be concentrating on providing the richest possible work experience, while the Talent team works with educators and manufacturers to organise the training and qualifications side.

The training extends from the basics such as safe working / ECS, through full tuition for the Level Three Fire & Security Certificate, to over 160 hours’ certified manufacturer training. The latter will cover at least six of the systems we support at Reliance High-Tech.

Economies of scale provide significant cost and time savings compared with going it alone, and we’re highly impressed by the energy and commitment displayed by the applicants we’ve met, who’ve made their way through a rigorous selection process.

Aside from the benefits to Reliance High-Tech, I think Zitko Talent gives the industry an opportunity to collaborate on solving shared challenges. We need to speak more loudly about the opportunities we can offer and increase the focus on professional development.

Zitko Talent integrates some formidable training capabilities into the programme, not only from specialist educators, but also from top manufacturers such as Lenel and 360 Vision. It therefore offers the promise of an efficient, robust foundation programme for the entire industry.

Given the massive changes we have seen in general over the last twelve months and the growing digitisation of business, it is more important than ever that the industry recognises the need for, and invests in, talented individuals with the skills that businesses will need.

If you haven’t already started investing in your talent pool, this is the moment to start. Building the talent pipeline is what we will all need to succeed in the future.

If you are interested in a career at Reliance High-Tech please visit our website www.reliancehightech.co.uk or email careers@reliancehightech.co.uk