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Personal tiers

July 23, 2024 by Alistair Enser

Are we turning a corner? Last week I wrote about the tier system, and it is interesting to see that the self-isolation period is down to ten days. Clearly, people spending 100% of ten days in self isolation is better than only 20% of fourteen days, which was cited as the current compliance rate in a recent Guardian report. And, with a vaccination programme now commencing, things could be looking more positive.

With these developments, however, you will recall I considered last week whether we are moving towards a vaccination passport, and personal – not regional – tier systems. These might be required for individuals to enter venues such as pubs, restaurants and the like on the basis that they can prove they have been vaccinated. Even if not required for all venues, will there be specific businesses promoting a ‘Covid safe’ environment, as a way of differentiation- which demand proof of vaccination?  I still think it’s a very real possibility, but one that raises questions about levels of acceptance.

Question time

I would therefore very much like your thoughts on this, so I would very grateful if you would answer this brief question by clicking here:

Would you agree to carry a vaccination passport that would allow you entry to facilities such as restaurants and pubs to remain Covid safe?

The poll can be found here. Many thanks for sharing your opinion!

2020 in review

Next week will be my final blog of the year until January, and I will be doing a (hopefully!) light-hearted round-up of what has certainly been a momentous year.

Despite the good news I started this article with, we are clearly not out of the Covid-19 woods yet. The NHS waiting list at a twelve-year high. This may be further impacted in January with a squeeze on pharmaceutical supply chains, and the labour that the healthcare system relies on, as we leave the EU. And, with a deal still uncertain at the time of writing, January could present significant threats still, even with progress being made with the pandemic.

Technology and people

I have talked a lot this year about the role of technology and how it has empowered organisations to do things in new and more efficient ways. I still stand by this argument and, indeed, we at Reliance High-Tech have walked the walk, as well as talked the talk, but let’s not forget about the people that make it happen too!

We have invested significantly in our ERP and CRM systems, as well as cybersecurity infrastructure, to make us more efficient and responsive to customer needs. But alongside this, we have made investments in people and these have been equally as important. As well as new roles and developing new skills, most recently we have spent a lot of time and energy working on a programme which focuses on our culture and internal working practices.

This programme has given us the opportunity to take stock during these tough times, to challenge ourselves on what we do, how we act internally and externally, and to embark on a company-wide programme of development as a result. As a business, Covid or not, we are determined to drive continued higher satisfaction for our customers and our employees.

Like many organisations, we have taken Covid as a catalyst to challenge traditional thinking and to accelerate our actions. Undoubtedly the challenges faced in different industries vary in type and intensity, but those that have been able to adapt and chart a new or parallel course are emerging fitter and stronger, ready for the next challenges.

I look forward to sharing the results of the survey next week, as well as reminding us of parts of a year that we should not forget.

Stay safe.