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September Roundup

May 20, 2024 by Tom Clarke

With students going back to school, college and university, here at Reliance High-Tech we have had a busy month supporting many of the changes they have had to make to enable safe re-opening. Earlier in the month our CEO, Alistair Enser, published a blog titled Back To School, a topic close to his heart with his son at university. Not only have we been assisting with ensuring Security is adapted to meet the new requirements, but we have also been testing and deploying a number of complimentary software services to support COVID safe initiatives.

Many of the technologies we have covered in our recent webinars are being deployed to assist with people counting, proximity analytics and ensuring mandatory face coverings are being worn. These solutions are easily deployable and adaptable, offering benefits beyond the requirements of COVID-19 changes, and can be used well into the future for enhanced traditional security measures, building or room usage analysis.

In our June newsletter, I mentioned one of our new analytics partners, Briefcam. We have been heavily investing in training of our personnel over the last 3 months and are now the only UK integrator to have 3 engineers accredited at Advanced Level. This technology enables us to support all sectors we work in, utilising a traditional security platform that is adopted to drive further benefits to organisations and deliver value beyond security.

Our investment in Cloud solutions continues and we are seeing more engagement and interest from global organisations. This month we have added Brivo to our partners page of the website. Brivo are a true Software as a Service (SaaS) company, we have been deploying their Cloud Access Solution during the last 12 months, sometimes into very challenging locations due to lockdown restrictions.

To keep up with our latest news please follow us on LinkedIn or check out our latest news on the website. Our CEO, Alistair Enser is posting weekly blogs about the evolving world of security and how we are supporting our customers.

Stay safe,

Tom Clarke
Sales & Marketing Director