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Situation normal?

May 20, 2024 by Alistair Enser

This last weekend saw summer arrive for most of us, with the sun out and people making a beeline for parks and beaches. Following the easing of lockdown restrictions across Europe it appears we in the UK are also on track to regain some of our freedoms. A return to normality is much longed for, and overdue, although we need to be careful if we are to avoid a second wave of infection.

Indeed, care must be the watchword as we enter this very delicate phase of the pandemic. Following my article last week, and the discussion around security guards and other high-risk occupations outside the NHS, I note a piece in the Financial Times, which references the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. Its figures reveal that the number of job postings for security guards was 3.8 per cent higher between 11-17 May than in the previous week, with 7,400 new openings. This is good news from an economic perspective. Worryingly, however, the Institute for Fiscal Studies has suggested that these same jobs are placing workers at higher risk than other professions. As I have argued before, we must get back to normal. But if there is a way to make it safer, we should do it. Technology can – and should – be used where possible, to assist.

And yet… choosing the right partner with the right tech is also essential. I have covered the subject of fever detection camera technology in prior articles, so read with great interest, but concern, the articles in IPVM which cover a “faked coronavirus fever detection solution”  and “terrible corona virus thermal camera”. There is no silver bullet; however, a great partner will listen first, understand your needs and apply good solid knowledge to provide a tailored solution. Beware of anyone offering ‘an off the peg solution’ up front. There is a lot of good news out there about technology, and proven examples of how it genuinely can help, but there is also a lot of misinformation. It is vital to understand the limitations and user requirements.

I was interested the other day to receive an email from one of our engineers who had been to a customer site. To gain access to the building he had to undergo temperature screening combined with other security measures designed to keep the manufacturing facility operational and safe. He was impressed with the technology at work and was surprised but, I think, proud, when I highlighted that the solution was fitted by us.

Where does this tech fit? How do we emphasise the importance and utility of this type of technology, as part of a wider portfolio of solutions, amid a sea of fake news and fake claims? We covered this in last week’s article but I invite you to attend one of our webinars to find out more.

I make no apology for being an evangelist for the use of technology as we return to normality. Whether it is to help security, keep you safe or improve communication. Through necessity we have been forced to expand our horizons and found that many technologies that we were scared of are really very good. When this is ‘all over’ let us continue on a new track, dare to try new things and not stop learning.

As a privately owned independent business, Reliance High-Tech continually strives to learn and innovate. We are able to take an agnostic approach to the technology available in the market and then combine this with the needs of our customers, to provide solutions. We would love to share some of our knowledge and experience with you on a one to one basis or through one of our webinars. Just email us on innovation@reliancehightech.co.uk

Stay safe.