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The main event

July 23, 2024 by Alistair Enser

Last week we held the first of this year’s technology seminars in the City of London. The room was packed as experts from Reliance High-Tech and our partners Eagle Eye and Brivo explained the transformative power of cloud-based video surveillance (VSaaS) and access control (ACaaS).

As I have explained previously, at Reliance High-Tech we have long recognised the power of the cloud and, while this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’, we remain evangelical about the potential of cloud – whether it is used to host an entire system, or forms part of a hybrid approach alongside on-premise equipment.

Why it matters

Regular readers of this blog will know that moving security functions to the cloud not only makes analytics easier to perform, but ensures that scaling a system up (or down) is simple. New functionality can be added with greater ease, and then more value beyond security can be derived from cameras and devices that act as sensors, feeding information back to the cloud where it can be analysed to identify efficiencies.

And, as delegates heard at our seminar the other day, the cloud also provides a level of cybersecurity that few, if any, organisations with significant on-premise systems are able to realistically match, as patching and updates are undertaken centrally and pushed out at scale without delay.

In fact, a quick quiz of delegates revealed how this has become a major undertaking for those with on-premise systems, and how much easier it is with a cloud-based solution.

The network effect

I often say that one of the main benefits of these events is that they provide a forum for users to share knowledge with their peers, and it was fascinating to hear how one user manages the data protection elements of their video surveillance and access control system.

There were also discussions around total cost of ownership (TCO), and how to compare the TCO of a cloud-based system with that of an on-premise equivalent. Here, the combination of Reliance High-Tech’s experts and its partners proved instructive, and, in one session, delegates were given the example of a cloud-based, city-wide video surveillance solution in Mexico, which proved so cost-effective to roll out that they were able to increase the scope of coverage within the original budget.

Don’t miss out

Our next seminar is being held on Thursday this week, at the National Football Museum in Manchester, and like the London event is designed for security users who want to understand how the power, security, scalability and efficiency of the cloud can transform their systems and deliver more ‘value beyond security’, lower cost of ownership and improve their outcomes.

This is a ‘ticket only’ event and is open to end users and security consultants, with delegate numbers strictly limited via pre-registered ticket only. There are limited places available, so to request a ticket or to obtain further details of the agenda and speaker list, please register your interest now at https://events.reliancehightech.co.uk/events.

Alternatively, e-mail Reliance High-Tech at info@reliancehightech.co.uk. We look forward to seeing you there!