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Why investing in people is so important

May 20, 2024 by Alistair Enser

At Reliance High-Tech we have a saying – “serious about technology and passionate about people” – and we strongly believe that success is centred around people. Whether they are internal team members, customers, suppliers or other partners.

I’ve spoken before about our focus on apprenticeships, bringing opportunity to the next generation of engineers, commercial staff, support and leaders of tomorrow, as well as our partnership with Zitko, who help us retrain personnel from parallel industries such as telecoms providers, the military, and others.

All of this is great at developing new talent, injecting new DNA into our business, bringing fresh ideas, and giving a helping hand to those with talent and capability who need an opportunity to launch their career.

Creating a Virtuous Circle

What do you do for your existing team members though? Your current team members are your strongest asset. They already have great skills, and great knowledge of your business, your market, and your customers. Given support, guidance, coaching, mentoring and training- all of us can always develop further. This is great for morale, it is great for retention, it is absolutely the right thing to do and just as importantly will help deliver the best service and best experience to your customers, creating a virtuous circle.

Preparing to meet tomorrow’s needs, today

In today’s rapidly changing market, unsettled economy and difficult labour market a little internal investment is money well spent. With this in mind, over 20 people at Reliance High-Tech are currently and actively working through an Impellus Level 3 or Level 5 course in Leadership and Management.

So, congratulations to Kelly Mullane, proudly modelling her certificate above, as well as everyone else who has successfully graduated from their course. Also, of course, best of luck to those that are partway through. We believe in you.

We don’t want to keep this a secret. So, if your business values investment and training, there are lots of training partners available. The links ‘here’ for IMPELLUS and ZITKO may be a worthwhile place to start.

 Stay safe and don’t forget It’s all about the people