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Coping with supply concerns

April 17, 2024

The Professional Security Installer (PSI) Panel returns with a look at supply chain concerns and offer advice for installers.

Last month we looked at the current state of play regarding supply and shortages in the electronic security market. Due to global conditions such as the pandemic, economic concerns and bureaucracy the components supply chain is under some considerable stress.

In the UK we might be experiencing some easing in Covid restrictions, which along the line may indicate (fingers-crossed) the beginning of the lifting of some of the constraints around the world for lorry drivers. For installers, however, there are still stories of technology supply problems, so what does the PSI Panel think about the situation?

CEO of Reliance High-Tech, Alistar Enser, said 

The electronic security industry should be concerned about anything that affects its supply chain and there’s no doubt that there are serious issues at the moment.

Some manufacturers are quoting lead times of between 6-12 months and this is causing problems for installers and their customers, potentially leading to project delays until specific components can be delivered. Ultimately the solution is centred around early forecasting and commitment, communication, flexibility, trust and timeliness.

The situation is the result of numerous factors. These include chip shortages from the Far East, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and problems within the shipping working with a trusted and respected installation partner is more vital than ever to ensure that projects are successfully delivered.

To read the full article visit pages 35 & 36 in the Professional Security Installer February issue.