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The Right Skills in the Right Places – we’re Upping our Game!

May 20, 2024

As the UK’s largest independent security systems integrator, the projects we support our customers with are typically highly complex, demanding and diverse, requiring specialised skills and capabilities.

Building a company-wide team that ensures we deliver those skills and capabilities is one of our key priorities, so we are delighted to announce the appointment of Steven Reed as New Bid Manager. Steven brings a wealth of expertise to the company, both deep and broad, in proposal and bid creation.

More Effective Procurement

Among the market trends in recent years, seen across almost all industry sectors, has been a steadily growing focus on more effective procurement processes to meet increasing requirements for robust and sophisticated security solutions. Customers are seeking better returns on each pound they invest – both in terms of the up-front and ongoing costs of the solutions they buy, and in terms of closer alignment between what they buy and what they actually need.

Practically, this plays out in several ways, but key among them is marked growth in the number and complexity of formal invitations we receive to bid for sophisticated security systems integration projects.

Great News – and a Challenge

This is excellent news, demonstrating clearly that we are attracting the interest of organisations, across diverse sectors, who wish to draw upon our extensive and proven expertise in security systems integration. Steven’s appointment adds strength and depth to our team to enable Reliance to engage effectively with our customers at the right level as we respond to such invitations.

Steven will be responsible for supporting the sales and design engineering teams in this area. His extensive skills and experience will enable us as a company to provide clearer, more precise and helpful responses to customers requesting proposals, at the same time benefiting all our customers by freeing up our sales and design team to devote more time to face to face engagement with them.

Upping our Game

This will help us “up our game” in terms of the quality of our responses to invitations to bid, delivering improved value and ideas. It  will also free up the Reliance sales team to focus on serving customers, and the design engineering team to concentrate on creating the innovative solutions for which we are renowned.

Broad, Deep and Balanced Expertise

With a background in smart lighting systems integrated with smart sensor devices, Steven joins us from technology giant General Electric (GE) where he operated as a Deal Manager for the last 4 years.

His well-rounded experience, enthusiasm for technology, diligent and detail-oriented approach with a deep understanding of the interactions between the legal, commercial and technical aspects of today’s systems integration projects make him perfectly suited to this new role.

Steven’s appointment underlines Reliance’s continuous commitment to create the well-resourced, multi-skilled team necessary to deliver best in class service and support to our customers in protecting their people, property and assets.

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