Police Force for Digital Interview Recording

Contract Date: October 2013 to ongoing

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Criminal Justice & Police May 20, 2024

Reliance High-Tech provide installation, maintenance and remote support of Digital Interview Recording Equipment, associated software and server infrastructure for a large Midlands Police Force.

Following a successful Proof of Concept and Penetration Testing, Reliance High-Tech was awarded a £1M project for deployment of transformational interview recording technology across their estate, accompanied by the required maintenance services that we still deliver today.

The customer understood that Reliance High-Tech is an expert in the delivery of DIR solutions to the police sector, with:

  • Extensive, relevant and current police sector experience
  • Evidenced capability
  • A proven and innovative design and delivery model
  • Geographical proximity to support the ongoing service and system expansion needs

The importance of partnerships cannot be overstated, and Reliance High-Tech has developed an enviable track record of partnering with high-quality, reliable and financially stable technology providers. The relationship with Indico Systems, is very strong, and between the two companies we have in excess of 20 years combined experience in the DIR sector.

The recordings had to be digital, compliant with PACE codes of practice and ABE guidelines where necessary and all recordings were to be stored on a centralised repository. Additionally, a number of these interviews had to be available ‘on demand’ as a live stream across the Police network infrastructure. This is referred to as ‘downstream monitoring’.

A further requirement identified was the ability to integrate with the ICIS custody data control system. This enables the user to enter one field of data, and for the requisite data fields to be automatically populated with data from the ICIS database. The technical solution was made up of several elements, integrated together in a single user interface for ease of use.

There were several factors which saw us awarded this contract. We have acquired a unique level of understanding of the police market that has been forged over many years. Under the stewardship of experienced senior and middle management, our Technical Design teams, Project Managers, Installation Engineers and Support Engineers all understand the potential challenges of operating in a blue light environment, and we pride ourselves of taking the requisite time to understand the implications of what each force requires from any proposed solution.