Water Utilities Company

Contract Date: 2015 to ongoing

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Utilities May 20, 2024

Reliance has been the sole framework supplier for a major Water Supplier across the Southern region of England for over 5 years, providing all electronic security systems maintenance, repairs and installation projects across their portfolio.

The security systems include – Access Control, CCTV, Intruder, Command & Control, Electric Fencing, Fencing, Gates, Barriers, Civil Works, Network, Electrical Supplies and Security Doors. All systems are integrated to a single system head end, with primary and secondary control rooms that were designed, installed and are currently maintained by Reliance High-Tech.

The key features of our delivery model include:

  • A dedicated team working collaboratively with customer stakeholders, including an account manager and dedicated installation and maintenance engineers.
  • providing a deep level of expertise on the selection of appropriate technology and solution design to meet the security threat and risk profile
  • ongoing advice on new technologies and service innovation.
  • scoping of site security to ensure regulatory requirements are met.
  • demonstrable understanding of the ‘Water Industry’ mind set, particularly around the issues involved with working near clean water and emergency /risk planning.
  • Maintenance asset scoring to provide life cycle information and maximise total cost of ownership.

We pride ourselves on achieving 100% on our Achilles UVDB audit in 2019, 2020 and 2021.