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Close Supplier Relationships Drive Innovation

April 17, 2024 by Tom Clarke

At Reliance High-Tech we build deep, long-term, sustainable relationships, not only with our customers, but also with our suppliers. We are convinced, on the evidence of such relationships, over many years, that this approach secures maximum benefits for our customers, our suppliers, and ourselves. Not so much “win win” as “win win win”!

Reliance’s pedigree in the education sector demonstrates this: our work with Gallagher Security, a global leader in security systems innovation, design and manufacture, is an excellent example of this approach.

The Education Sector

Gallagher has a strong track record in the education sector, focusing primarily in four areas: keeping people safe, optimising facility use, protecting assets and reducing cyber risks. These areas of focus mesh and align well with Reliance High-Tech’s focus in the sector, which include access control, identity management, physical security, and command and control.

Working together since 2009, Reliance and Gallagher have developed a close working relationship, capitalising on both companies’ strengths to deliver far more extensive benefits than either could alone, going above and beyond traditional security solutions.

Design, Order, Delivery

Operating as principal designers, Reliance works with universities to understand their needs and aspirations, their existing technology and security environments, and the challenges and opportunities they face, designing security solutions to address the requirements arising from all these areas.

On receiving customer sign-off for a project, Reliance orders the necessary products and services from Gallagher to deliver the required systems and service wraps to fulfil the solution, often in conjunction with wider security, visitor, fire and building management systems.

So far, so normal. However, the interaction between the two companies goes far beyond the transactional. It is in the background that the real benefits of our tightly integrated operating relationship are realised.


Gallagher and Reliance meet regularly to review the sales pipeline, so that Gallagher can clearly and fully understand upcoming demand. Using this information, they can accurately forecast product demands, adjusting their manufacturing plans so that they can always deliver what’s needed, when it’s needed.

The benefits of this are clear from Gallagher’s delivery record. We have never in ten years of working together had a late delivery from them, despite the simple fact of life that customers often raise last-minute needs and requests.


We also work closely with Gallagher on innovation and future technology through collaborative workshops. Close relationships with our customers give us an unrivalled understanding of what they want, the challenges they face and the opportunities they’d like to open up – we share this understanding with Gallagher.

We explore each insight together. Is it a one-off or more of a trend? Is it purely an education sector issue or does it apply more widely? How might it develop in the future? What opportunities and threats might it open up? These discussions often lead to new product development or existing product enhancement at Gallagher and Reliance. Working together, we are building the future of security technology.

How Can We Help?

Universities, colleges and other educational establishments rightly make the safety and protection of their staff and students a high priority. Reliance High-Tech and Gallagher Security are working together to help them fulfil this key objective.

At Reliance, this close interworking sits at the heart of all our customer and supplier relationships. We believe that we work better when we work together. Call 0845 121 0802 or email info@reliancehightech.co.uk to find out more.