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June Updates

May 20, 2024 by Tom Clarke

We have been making big strides forward this month with many of our existing and new customers, with the aim of re-opening buildings and getting their sites operational so that they can get members of staff safely back to work following changes in the government’s guidelines. Security Systems have and will continue to play a huge part in the ever-evolving changes required to manage sites, buildings and the movement of people.

One of our new Technology Partners, Briefcam offer a wide range of video analytics to improve analysis of recordings, general security surveillance, command and control. What has been exciting in recent months is that they have adapted very quickly to the challenges of this global pandemic and developed some exciting modules that enable the live measurement of distance between people for social distancing control as well as face mask detection, which is becoming a mandatory piece of PPE at many locations.

Our Director of Technology, Andy Schofield has published an insightful blog about Thermal Cameras this month, as he explored the myths and facts about a well-established security technology that has been repurposed by so many to try and detect symptoms of COVID-19. Take a look at his article titled ‘Thermal detection cameras are not a silver bullet’ to find out more about how a thermal solution should be deployed and what wider considerations need to be made when selecting and deploying this technology.

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