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May Updates

May 20, 2024 by Tom Clarke

It feels as though there is light at the end of the tunnel as restrictions are starting to relax and some of the most heavily impacted sectors begin to prepare for new ways of working and utilisation of their estates. The warm weather through May has been fantastic for enjoying time in the garden or exercising at the weekend, but it has also been welcomed by our field based team working safely on site to maintain critical assets and deliver high priority projects for our Critical National Infrastructure and Essential Services customers.

You may have seen our Police Application Study published earlier in the month, we have been actively working with 8 police forces during May to assist them with their challenges, with the solutions varying from Digital Interview solutions, Custody CCTV Systems, Speech to Text solutions and bodyworn video solutions.

Alongside this, we have worked closely with a number of existing and new customers to re-purpose, enhance and extend their existing security solutions to prepare for the return to work measures that they need to put in place. For some, this includes simple re-programming of access control systems to manage movement, occupancy and directional flow around a building. Some require the re-purposing of thermal cameras to provide body temperatures when staff or contractors enter a site through a controlled entry environment and others are benefiting from implementing video analytics to manage directional flow, proximity between personnel and people counting.

What’s great is that these solution components are tried and tested and we have been successfully deploying them for some time, but as a result of our customer’s changing needs, we are re-purposing them to provide a solutions which can in many cases be adapted and utilised beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

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