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Security Matters Podcast with Alistair Enser – Now Live

July 23, 2024 by Alistair Enser

Take a listen to Episode 10 of the Security Matters podcast with Alistair Enser, the CEO of Reliance High-Tech.

Many commentators are waxing lyrical about the ‘new normal’ resulting from the pandemic. On Episode 10 of the Security Matters Podcast, Alistair paints a picture of what he feels this may look like and also addresses the assertion that technology could be the sole answer to the challenges end users are currently facing.

In terms of the necessarily shifting responses to the pandemic itself, what have these meant for those security system end users and what should the security industry be doing as a collective to support organisations at this time? Alistair answers both questions in great detail.

Finally, Alistair also reviews what the security industry should be doing beyond the pandemic.

Listen to the Security Matters Podcast